Baby Plays the Baby Bass.

Wiseguy Simon, a CAG from New Brunswick, tells Al Clawpone “Time to get pinched”!

Superstar Bella, CAG from North Carolina gets a workout on her crawler and rescue rope set-up.

Mabel, a beautiful Severe Macaw from Quebec, Canada enjoys her Plain Jane

Ivy Blue, Blue & Gold Macaw, New Brunswick, Canada.

The Small Skywalk is the perfect platform for our client Cinnamon Pi, the cockatiel. He charms his audiences with his positively adorable performance on his own private “stage.”

Simone…Even among a trove of toys, the cherry blossom is a winner.
Watch our customer Simone the Umbrella cockatoo give the cherry blossom her nod of approval!

Watch our customer Emme Jane the red-sided eclectus, as she chips, snaps, and munches on our fragrant pine chipper pieces.

Our friends, JoJo and Chickie the caiques, happily test the sturdy anchor perch, coming soon to Oliver’s Garden.

Whether perching, snacking, or playing, our client Emma the African Grey says that the possibilities are endless on the large soapbox perch.

Korbel cautiously checking out his new lobster perch, he thinks it smells a bit fishy!