Jimmy Halfa Lobster

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Parrots are locking their cage doors… to keep IN  Jimmy Halfa Lobster, our newest mobster lobster pal!  This side-mounted toy, completed with stainless steel hardware, is a surefire hit with all size birds.  The little ones will enjoy perching on, playing with, and preening this softwood lobster and his Paulie rope antennae, whereas the bigger birds will take this mobster man head on and take a crack at his softwood claws and hardwood legs.  Don’t miss out on lobster season, or else before you know it, Jimmy Halfa Lobster might disappear…

DIMENSIONS: 8″ long 8″ wide

5 Stars
TAG Approved
Terrific combination of perch and toy! My TAG Emily uses Jimmy as her favorite nighttime sleep spot– and then she gives it a nice chew here and there for pre-breakfast play! I am planning on ordering more– one for my Jardine’s and then some for their travel cages where two-for-one perches and toys are always welcome.
Reviewed by:  from Indiana. on 4/25/2014

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