Order/Ship Info

Our CEO Oliver accepts Canadian and American orders both through our website and by telephone.  To order through our website, simply browse our catalog and add your selected products to our secure shopping cart.  Payment may be made by credit card or Paypal.  

To order by telephone, please call us at (902) 275-5110 during our business hours, Monday through Saturday between 10 am and 5 pm ADT.  For phone orders, we are happy to accept payment by credit card.

Your satisfaction is important to us, as is your parrot's!  Please get in touch for assistance regarding sizes or for suggestions if you are undecided.  We have toys and perches suited for all parrots, ranging from the tiniest of parrotlets to the largest macaws, and everything in between.  We encourage you to contact us at [email protected] with your questions prior to placing your order.  We strive to answer all email inquiries within 24 hours of receipt.  

Once you place your order, we pack your goodies snugly and with care, and typically ship within 7-10 days.  We will send an email notification once your order is posted, or if there is a delay.  Please note that when we are extremely busy, wait times may be increased, and we thank you for your patience.

We send your precious parcels within Canada and the USA using Expedited Canada Post.  Our shopping cart is generally accurate with respect to shipping charges, but overly large or heavy orders (including the larger Oddballs) may require additional postage.  You'll receive an invoice for any additional shipping charges.  Please note that we do not add any charges for handling, packaging, etc.  You pay exactly what we pay to the post office and not a penny more.  

Canadian Shoppers
To maximize the value of your shipping dollar we recommend ordering more than one item, especially when ordering smaller toys.  The same box that one toy would ship in can likely hold a few more items, all for the same fee.  We welcome your payment by etransfer - select at check out.  So quick and easy!  As a fellow Canadian I recognize how many taxes we pay.  Appropriate HST, GST or PST will be added at checkout.  The CAGT (Canadian African Grey Tax) will not appear on your invoice but will be found in your parcel.  

American Shoppers
We are frequently asked about shipping prices to the U.S. and would like to share some tips with our American customers and friends.  We recommend ordering more than one item, especially when ordering smaller toys, in order to maximize the value of the shipping cost.  The same box that one toy would ship in can likely hold a few more items, all for the same fee.  

Also keep in mind that we bill in Canadian dollars.  Based on the current exchange rate, this typically equates to a 20% discount for American shoppers!  Don't forget that this savings applies not only to our products, but also to your shipping costs.  Please use our currency converter to calculate the savings you'll get by paying in USD.

Additional Information
We craft, store and ship all of our products in a bird-free facility.  For the safety of our birds and our customers, and to prevent the spread of avian disease, we do not accept returns.  Thank you for your understanding.